Allergic Diseases

Allergic diseases are a ubiquitous part of modern life. Nearly 18,000,000 people suffer from allergic rhinitis. If we add in drug allergies, food allergies, and allergic asthma, over 20% of US citizens are estimated to suffer from some form of an allergic condition, and annually, we spend $8 billion on prescription drugs for treatment of allergic symptoms.1 The incidence of allergies (and asthma) is increasing at a dramatic rate.2

Many supplements are commonly used for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and asthma. The most promising of these are the flavonoids, which are plant pigments that give fruit and vegetables their brilliant colors. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to absorb orally-administered flavonoids because of their unique chemistry. The addition of several compounds to flavonoid formulations (e.g.vitamin C) increases systemic absorption of flavanoids. Commercially available bioflavonoids include quercetin3, pycnogenol4, and fisetin.5 Also, magnesium given intravenously has been shown to reduce symptom severity.6

Whereas there is a strong emphasis on steroids and other immunosuppressants in traditional medicine for the treatment of allergic diseases, come learn about empowering your body to work with you rather than against you in managing allergic conditions.

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If you’re suffering from allergies, asthma, the common cold, gastrointestinal disorders, skin conditions, poor wound healing, chronic Lyme disease, or any number of other conditions, then oxidative therapy may provide the relief you’ve been looking for.