Arthritis is a general medical term for inflammation of the joints. There are many different causes of arthritis but almost invariably all types of arthritis cause pain, stiffness and decreased range of motion in the joints.

Regenerative therapies focus on enhancing your body’s own biology to heal it’s own tissues which can not only eliminate pain but also improve activity level.

Icon Orthopedic Exosome

Orthopedic Exosomes Therapy

One of the latest discoveries in the field of biological based therapies, exosomes have shown tremendous promise and effectiveness. Exosomes are constituents within stem cell and serve as their primary means of communicating with other repair cells. When injected into the region of injury, exosomes initiate a profound repair reaction that ameliorates pain and disability. Currently, RMRM is one of only a handful of clinics in the world to offer this therapy for a multitude of ailments.

Icon Orthopedic Prp

Orthopedic PRP Therapy

Although closely related to stem cell therapy, platelet rich plasma therapy is a biological-based treatment modality unique unto its own. Platelets are blood constituents that aid in the healing process. Contained within are healing factors that enhance one’s natural ability to mend injury. By concentrating the number of platelets in a targeted area, these healing factors are deliberately focused right at the site of action. If you’d like to further consider measures for avoiding surgery, shortening healing time and limiting pain, then come speak to one of the few full-service biological-based treatment specialists.