Personalized Nutrition and Your Health: Dr. Sasha Houseman brings it together at RMRM

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Personalized Nutrition and Your Health: Dr. Sasha Houseman brings it together at RMRM

Therapies to pinpoint the best diet and supplementation plans for your body

Drhouseman Rmrm SmallerDr. Sasha Houseman is a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition & Functional Health Practitioner and owner of Flatirons Integrative Health & Nutrition conveniently located in Boulder inside the Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine clinic. Though Dr. Sasha works with clients to help manage many different health conditions from autoimmune diseases to cancer, she specializes in Nutrigenomics Counseling and Vagus Nerve Dysfunction.

Personalized nutrition therapies focus on pinpointing the best diet and supplementation plans according to what you need. And nothing is more you than your genes. By looking at your test results, Dr. Sasha can help you determine whether or not you may have a predisposition for a particular trait, from various conditions like lactose intolerance to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Though it is commonly thought that your genetics are absolute, the genetic master switches discussed previously can actually be turned on and off by factors in your diet, environment, and lifestyle, such as particular foods or stress. These genomic tests can also help tell your practitioner all about your body, such as your natural weight, muscle composition, and the effect of saturated fats. By looking at the DNA instructions for your body, Dr. Sasha can help devise a nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle plan that can help manage and lower the risks of developing any of the reported predispositions in order to increase your longevity.

Dr. Sasha’s care is always focused on determining the root cause of any health condition in order to rectify the issue instead of simply covering up the symptoms. Because of this, her focus on the vagus nerve is critical. The vagus nerve, also known as cranial nerve X, is the longest cranial nerve, spanning throughout your entire body and controlling the function of most of the body’s organs. The vagus nerve contains motor and sensory fibers and has the widest distribution in the body of any cranial nerve. Because of this, the vagus nerve has an effect on a wide span of bodily functions, from gut-brain axis communication to neurotransmitter management to hormone balance to inflammation prevention and more. Therefore, dysfunctions in vagus nerve function can have varying and widespread effects throughout the body from immune function and digestion to sleep and anxiety.

Dr. Sasha always gives free 20-minute phone consults to all potential clients to determine if care at Flatirons Integrative Health & Nutrition would be a good fit, so don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions. You can also find her at Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine Mondays and Tuesdays.

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