Initial Consult – 60 minutes
Stem Cell Therapy
Exosome Therapy
PRP for joints, hair, aesthetics

Shockwave Therapy:

  • Musculoskeletal – joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments
  • Shockwave therapy – Erectile Dysfunction
  • Aesthetics
  • $250/session
  • $500/session
  • $250/session
Labs drawn in our office
IV Vitamin and Mineral Infusions
IM Vitamin Injection
IV Chelation
NAD+ IV Infusion
Ketamine IV Infusion
High Dose Ozone Therapy
Prolozone Injection
Embark on a unique partnership with our providers on your journey to optimal health. With easy and frequent access to providers, the cornerstone of the program is to foster a collegial relationship between client and clinic so that wellness goals are proactively set, achieved, and new benchmarks established on a rolling basis. Your physiology and the factors giving rise to pathology are never static, it makes sense to be nimble and proactive in the way you approach your healthcare.

Quarterly lab draws, detailed review of your biomarkers, and an actionable all-encompassing plan of intervention for optimal health and wellness.

Additional diagnostics ordered and reviewed for prevention and/or to address acute medical conditions. The cost of these tests is not covered by the membership fee, but may be by your health insurance.

Ongoing support, coaching, and recommendations around nutrition, sleep, hormone balance, cardiovascular health, neurocognitive health, genomic analysis, sexual health, autoimmune disorders, etc.

Provider and support staff access (text or call).

Complimentary consultation with other providers involved in your care.

Prescription management through mail-order pharmacies shipped directly to you. Cost of medication is not covered under the membership plan.

Priority scheduling in our office as well as with our outside partners (e.g. radiology suites, consultants). Personal and immediate-family urgent services billed at current rate.