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IV Hydration, Vitamins & Minerals

Post-workout cramps have you bent out of shape? Wish you’d had that pre-competition edge when your game comes down to the wire?

Our focus on overall health includes optimizing physical and biochemical function through targeted IV therapy using vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other natural compounds to promote health, support healthy aging, energy, performance and strengthened immunity.

The age, condition, and preparation-method of various foods affect their vitamin and mineral content. Additionally, absorption of consumed nutrients can vary.  Finally, nutrients that are absorbed are further metabolized by the liver before being available to the rest of the body. As a result, there is a difference between the theoretical and actual nutritional value of food that even oral supplements may not be able to overcome.

IV therapy bypasses the gastrointestinal system, allowing nutrients to enter directly into the bloodstream before the liver has a chance to break them down. We believe there is simply no better way to replenish depleted stores of nutrients.

Iv Vitamin Infusion Therapy


  • In consultation with you, we’ll determine the ideal combination of vitamins & minerals for combating your particular issue.
  • The IVs are administered using the exact medical-grade equipment found at major hospitals.
  • Treatment is in a relatively quiet, attractive setting and takes about 30 minutes. You may be joined by other clients also receiving similar therapy.  Feel free to bring headphones and your choice of listening material.
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Because of our personalized approach to each patient’s individual situation and unique needs, it is impossible to predict what any one regimen looks like prior to an initial consultation. We work with you to learn your needs and determine the right treatment for your unique situation.

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