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Ketamine / Lidocaine Infusion

Non-addictive treatment for symptoms from depression, PTSD, and chronic pain

Are symptoms from depression, anxiety, PTSD or chronic pain not responding to your current treatment regimen? We provide non-addictive alternatives for these debilitating conditions that have minimal side effects—and have the power to be potentially life changing.

While being used as an anesthetic during the Vietnam War, it was discovered that service members who were given ketamine suffered lower rates of PTSD. It continues to be used extensively as an anesthetic in hospitals and has gained a stellar reputation for safety and minimal long-term side effects.

Ketamine has gained acceptance as a successful off-label therapy for anxiety, depression, bipolar disease, PTSD, as well as for drug and alcohol addiction. It has shown stunning success and numerous studies support ketamine in treating these conditions.

Ketamine infusion therapy involves an initial series of infusions tailored to your specific needs. Intensive initial treatment can maximize therapeutic benefits and optimize desired results. Treatments may be customized to accommodate your personal and travel needs.



  • On the day of treatment, please ask a responsible friend or family member to drive you to and from the clinic.
  • A small IV will be placed. During the infusion, we will closely monitor your vital signs. Infusions last for approximately 1 hour. Patients typically recover from the infusion within 20-30 minutes, but some effects may linger for 6-8 hours.  Individual reactions in this regard do vary widely.
  • During the infusion, you may experience some temporary side effects including dizziness, blurred vision, nausea and hallucinations.
  • We recommend an initial series of 3 infusions over 1-2 weeks to determine the optimal dose and rate of infusion.  Thereafter, further infusions will be scheduled based on response.
  • Please let us know if you have a therapist, psychiatrist, primary provider, or other specialist who you’d like use to speak with before initiating treatment.
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Because of our personalized approach to each patient’s individual situation and unique needs, it is impossible to predict what any one regimen looks like prior to an initial consultation. We work with you to learn your needs and determine the right treatment for your unique situation.

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