Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine


January 10, 2022

The mother of a 21 and an 11-year-old, she came to RMRM for general anti-aging and overall wellness, inspired to do everything possible to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit for her kids. At the end of 2021, she had undergone 10 chelation infusions, and her first stem cell infusion.

“I am not a runner, though I find myself running to everything like a kid – I even run around with my horses while they chase me.”

This she attributes to the stem cell infusions, and feeling better overall post-chelation.

“I cannot say enough about Vass. It is just amazing how much time he spends as though you’re the most important patient in the world. It’s so important to him to explain the science of it all, and know that you got it. He is incredibly balanced in his approach, and I am a huge fan.”

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