Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine


Audrey brings nearly 20 years of experience in acute care nursing, the vast majority of which was in emergency departments in Washington, Alaska, and Colorado. That experience has impressed upon her that clients are best served in a proactive manner. Direct, purposeful, and timely action can prevent symptoms from ever emerging rather than passively waiting for disease to direct one’s life.

She is particularly interested in individualized treatments, developed collaboratively with client input as such plans tend to be most sustainable over the long term. Audrey strongly believes that development of personal relationships with clients is integral to treatment success.

She received her BSN from the University of Washington and maintains advanced credentials in acute care nursing. Outside the office, Audrey lives to be outside with her husband and two young boys – running, hiking, gardening and skiing. She’s proud to have canoed the Yukon River. Also dear to her heart are wooden jigsaw puzzles, jam bands, and a good local beer.