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Hunter Harris | RMRM Video Testimonial

Real people, real results   Hunter Harris is an active father, successful professional, amateur athlete and yogi who suffered from multiple joint injuries and pain. After visiting Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine for stem cell procedures and PRP injections, his results... View Article

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What RMRM is Excited About- NAD+

Research has shown that a cornerstone of the aging process is genomic instability and telomere attrition, i.e. damage to DNA that takes place over time. Cells that accrue such DNA damage lose the ability to function appropriately, regulate themselves, and... View Article

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What RMRM is Excited About – Cryotherapy

Remember the days of purchasing 50-pound ice bags, dumping them in the bathtub to immerse yourself after a hard workout?     It was inconvenient, it was uncomfortable but admittedly so refreshing and invigorating that it made the outcome worth... View Article

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Introducing RM2

A boutique clinic experience to boost athletic recovery and fuel rejuvenation   By popular demand, we are proud to introduce the newest branch of Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine! RM2 is Boulder’s latest regenerative medicine clinic located within Black Lab Sports.... View Article

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What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative Medicine is fairly self-explanatory: a field of medicine that seeks to facilitate and accelerate the body’s own healing abilities and youthful qualities. This individualized approach to medicine requires a holistic view of the patient and their goals.   While... View Article

Hope From A Strange Source

New Hope for Depression

Depression afflicts 16 million Americans. One third don’t get better with treatment. A surprising new drug may change that Every week, when Ian Hanley sits down with his therapist, he goes through a list of depression treatments he’s been researching... View Article