Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine


Chelators are charged particles that have been used intravenously for decades to bind toxic metals that have entered our bodies primarily through environmental exposures.They are then eliminated from the body by filtration through the kidneys.

EDTA chelation has been proven in (TACT) trials over a 5-year period with 40+/- infusions to reduce heart attacks /strokes/deaths with diabetic patients by 41%. The premise of the study was that the existence of toxic metals in the body contributes adversely to inflammation, diabetes, hypertension, plaque deposition in various parts of the body including the tiny coronary vessels of the heart, ultimately placing these patients at risk for another heart attack, stroke, or even death. To put that in perspective, all the other medications that we traditionally start these high risk patients on — e.g. Aspirin, statins, blood pressure lowering medications, etc. — have not yielded nearly as favorable results. This heavy metal-heart attack link is one example of how our health is interlaced with the well-being of our environment.

In this day and age, our bodies are inevitably subjected to harmful chemicals.. It’s important to note that the damage these chemicals cause, especially in combination with one another, is real in terms of morbidity and mortality. Moreover, there are ways of detecting the presence of some of these chemicals in our bodies and of eliminating them. The TACT trial demonstrates the lasting benefit of eliminating heavy metals and calcium with regard to cardiovascular disease alone.