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Vitamin D is one of the essential minerals that is not produced by the body itself. It is important for the regulation of phosphorus and calcium in the body. People need to acquire Vitamin D for strong bones and typically do so by exposure to sunlight. It only takes casual exposure to sunlight to store up levels of Vitamin D in the fat to reserve for days when it is overcast or you are stuck indoors. Nevertheless, Vitamin D deficiency is very common due to the trend of people avoiding sunlight even in warm climates from fears of premature aging and cancer. Vitamin D injections may be able to give you the boost you need to feel better.

Americans who live in northern states and Canadians are at the highest risk for Vitamin D deficiencies. Consuming dairy, fortified foods, and taking Vitamin D supplements are the most common alternatives to sunlight. However, as people age, it may become more difficult to absorb Vitamin D. Vitamin D needs to be converted by the liver and kidneys to be useful.

Vitamin D injections are not limited to strengthening bones but have other benefits as well. They may improve mood, reduce anxiety, reduce allergy sensitivity, help skin, and improve athletic performance, among other things.