Examples of conditions we treat

Alopecia in Women

Male Pattern Baldness
Thinning or Brittle Hair

We offer a variety of treatments to help combat hair loss in men and women.

Losing your hair? Don’t wait too long, or a hair transplant may become your only option. We have a variety of different regenerative techniques that can help men and women regrow hair.

Hair loss, in men and women, is an emotionally distressing condition that can make those afflicted feel particularly vulnerable. There have been tremendous strides made in the treatment of this condition. It’s important to note however that prolonged hair-loss can result in complete dissolution of the hair follicles. Timely intervention is of utmost importance, please contact us as soon as you become concerned.

We are here to help!

What to expect: We’ll prescribe a custom treatment regimen that may include lifestyle modifications, adjustment of your current medications, oral or topical medications, platelet rich plasma/stem cell injections.

Because platelet rich plasma/stem cells may be used, avoid aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medications about a week prior to your appointment.

Level of discomfort during and after treatment varies from person to person and based on the specifics of the procedure. We have the ability to administer medications for pain and sedation as needed.

If sedating medications are used, we recommend that a responsible friend or family member drive you home.

Usually there is no downtime following treatment.

It is advised to refrain from taking any anti-inflammatory medications for at least two weeks following your procedure.