Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine


Examples of conditions we treat

ACL Injuries
Cartilage Injury
Degenerative Disc Disease

Knee Pain/Injury
Labrum Injuries
Plantar Fasciitis
Rotator Cuff Injuries

Avoid surgery, shorten healing time and limit pain with one of the few full-service biological-based treatment specialists.

One of the latest discoveries in the field of biological based therapies, exosomes have shown tremendous promise and effectiveness. Exosomes are constituents within stem cell and serve as their primary means of communicating with other repair cells. When injected into the region of injury, exosomes initiate a profound repair reaction that ameliorates pain and disability.

Exosomes can be used to address conditions like arthritis, degenerative disc disease, muscle/ligament tears, tendinitis, sports-related injuries and more.

What to expect: Avoid aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medications about a week prior to the procedure.

Level of discomfort during and after treatment varies from person to person and based on the specifics of the procedure. We have the ability to administer medications for pain and sedation as needed.

Following the procedure, we recommend that a responsible friend or family member drive you home and that you rest for the first 24-48 hours.

For the next two weeks, light cardiovascular exertion is allowed as long as there is no unnecessary strain put on the treated area. After four weeks, both running and weightlifting are allowed, again being mindful of the treated area.

It is advised to refrain from taking any anti-inflammatory medications for at least two weeks following your procedure.