Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine


Examples of conditions we treat

Bone Mass Deficiency
Brain Injury
Insufficient Libido
Low Energy

Low Sperm Count
Menopausal Symptoms
Muscle Mass Deficiency
Poor Concentration
Premenstrual Syndrome
Weight Gain

With modern medicine, we can restore hormone levels which can promote vigor and vitality.

Multiple hormone levels naturally dwindle with normal aging. Fortunately, with modern medicine, we can restore these levels in both men and women, thus promoting vigor and vitality.

Testosterone, estrogen and progesterone are the commonly known, naturally occurring hormones produced by both men and women. These, and other hormones produced by the thyroid and adrenal glands work synergistically throughout the body and perform a wide range of functions. As people age, levels of these hormones may decrease causing symptoms such as fatigue, night sweats, problems sleeping, loss of muscle mass, mood changes, decreased libido, painful or unsatisfying intercourse, energy loss, foggy thinking and even memory loss.

Fortunately, these symptoms can be addressed with an appropriate hormone replacement regimen. At RMRM, all hormone replacement regimens are carefully planned individually for each client. We use a thorough and methodical diagnostic approach with on-site lab testing to determine your individual deficiencies, allowing us to tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs. Our knowledge, competence and proficiency offers our clients a distinct advantage.

What to expect: A blood sample will be obtained to determine baseline hormone levels. We initially recommend lifestyle changes to correct abnormal hormone levels using diet and exercise.

At your followup appointment, we’ll review lab-results and response to lifestyle modifications, as well as enact a tailored hormone replacement regimen.

Initial anticipated results include: sleeping better and having more energy. Patients go on to experience improved cognition, an enhanced ability to tolerate stress, more motivation to exercise and take on other challenges in daily life. You’re also likely to notice incremental gains in stamina, endurance and mood.