Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine


Kendra joined the RMRM team in 2020, with nearly 20 years of nursing experience already to her name. She earned a Bachelor of Science from Concordia College in Minnesota and has spent the majority of her career in emergency medicine, gaining valuable experience working with a diverse population. A pivotal takeaway from all that experience was that the healthcare she strived to promote in the hospital, operated more like sickcare or disease-care. In an effort to foster a more sustainable and health-conscious lifestyle, she shifted her focus to functional and integrative medicine. She continues to find great purpose in helping others advocate for their own health, and ultimately improve the quality of their lives.

Kendra had an active childhood exploring the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and great plains of the Midwest. She continued her love of movement in earning honors in both collegiate soccer and track and field. Kendra moved to the beautiful state of Colorado after graduation and fell in love with the sport of triathlon. She raced several Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii and later went on to win Ironman Canada in 2012. These experiences have imparted on Kendra an appreciation for the human condition and the importance of personal health. She believes our health is a privilege and our best investment in attaining longevity.

Away from the office, she continues to practice wellness and finds value in community and strives to try new things. She finds great joy in spending time with her husband, three young boys and two dogs at their home in Hygiene, CO. She appreciates genuine connection whether in nature, with friends, food or with a good book!

Kendra is excited to be part of a team of professionals that emphasizes the client as their priority. She looks forward to working with you in achieving your goals along your wellness journey!