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Own Your Health—Cutting edge therapies for optimal performance at any age

by Pamela Stone •

February 2, 2023

COMPOUNDING PODCAST with Dr. Vass & Kevin Dahlstrom

Your health is the foundation of everything—so don’t outsource it!

This conversation will change the way you think about health & medicine. Dr. Vass Elioupolos is one of the leading minds in regenerative medicine. In this wide-ranging discussion we go deep into cutting-edge therapies for healing injury, treating mental illness, and performing your best at any age. Vass also critiques the “medical-industrial complex” and provides a framework for how you can combine the best of mainstream medicine with the best of emerging therapies such as stem cells, IV infusions, and more. *Kevin Dahlstrom is not a medical professional or providing medical advice – before undertaking any new health or fitness regime, you should seek the advice of a medical professional.*


• What does regenerative medicine mean?
• The Medical Industrial Complex
• Infusion Therapies
• Ketamine, psychedelics, depression, and cognitive decline
• Stem Cell Therapy
• Fasting
• Preventative Diagnostics
• Revolutionizing the doctor/patient relationship
• Wha’t one thing you’re looking forward to?

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