Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine

Psychedelics & Proposition 122

by Vassily Eliopoulos •

October 27, 2022

Brain on Psychedelics

Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine is strongly in favor of a yes vote on Proposition 122. This proposition decriminalizes the personal use and possession of psilocybin containing mushrooms and puts in place a framework for their regulated use through providers who will be licensed by the state.

No law is perfect but Proposition 122 provides, what we feel is, a responsible way to allow access to natural medicines that have the potential to benefit literally millions of people in Colorado. Please consider a yes vote on the Natural Medicine Act, on the ballot as Proposition 122.

There will be no dispensary or direct sale to consumers under this bill. You will either have to grow it yourself or get it from a state licensed and regulated professional only for on site use at a licensed professional’s facility for therapeutic use.

If you want to learn about the science behind the use of Natural Medicines watch Dr. Vass lecturing at CU Boulder on this topic.

CLICK HERE to check out Dr. Vass’ lecture at the 2022 WAVi Brain Summit, 10/2022, CU-Boulder Campus.

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