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Stem Cell banking is a process where we harvest your natural Stem Cells in the clinic. We then send those cells to an FDA registered tissue bank that culture expands your cells – meaning they grow more of your cells. Your cultured cells are frozen and stored for you by the cell bank until you need/want them. This banking process enables you to use your cells multiple times, at your convenience with only a single harvesting process. A typical banking procedure will get most clients years of stem cells that can be used for all sorts of reasons – namely to help you Live Better Longer, Perform Better Longer and even Look Better Longer. We’re one of the few clinics in the nation to be able to harvest stem cells from multiple body sites and will gladly discuss the modality most fitting for your specific situation.

Don’t wait, sooner is better. Capture today’s vitality and benefit for years to come.

Live Better Longer with Banked Stem Cells
Stem cells are one of the most powerful tools available that have the ability to directly elongate your telomeres. Meaning they literally make you younger biologically. When you give yourself your own stem cells through an IV on a periodic basis, one could argue that you are making yourself younger.
Perform Better Longer with Banked Stem Cells
Stem cells are perhaps best known for their ability to heal injured tissue. This damage could be from an injury or from chronic wear and tear. Imagine using your own stem cells to help heal more quickly to get you back on the slopes/trails/mats/rock/river/cycle/golf course/etc. faster.
Look Better Longer with Banked Stem Cells
Stem cells literally turn back the clock on your tissues and they can do that to your skin, hair follicles, stretch marks, scars and blemishes. Once your cells are banked it’s a relatively simple procedure to microneedle and/or inject the stem cells into the area that needs attention and let the stem cells work their magic.

Avoid aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications and steroids for at least 2 weeks prior to the procedure. Some things to consider to boost your body and stem cells, optimizing your physiology for cell banking include: fasting, peptides, NAD, IV Myer’s infusions, among others. Following the procedure we recommend that a responsible friend or family member drive you home. You should expect to rest for 72 hours following the procedure. After the initial 72 hour rest period return to activity is tailored specifically to you and your individual condition/situation. It is advised to refrain from taking any anti-inflammatory medications for at least two weeks following your procedure.

What to expect: The harvesting procedure typically lasts less than an hour but can vary from person to person. It is done under local anesthesia/nerve block so you can typically eat and drink normally. Most people walk out of the office and drive themselves home. There is minimal down time but this can vary individually.

Adipose Stem Cell Banking Procedure
Annual fee (paid to) American Cell Technology
Adipose harvest and same day injection
Adipose stem cell Banking and same day injections
Cell ordering after banking (2 week lead time) (3-5 vials for deployment)
$500/vial + shipping & insur
Cell Deployment:
  • $750/IV
  • $1,500/per joint
  • $3,000/per spinal level