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About us.
Khoshal & Vass first met while working in the emergency department in the Denver area as Board Certified Emergency Physicians. In the trenches for years, they collectively dedicated decades caring for the sickest of patients. Vass served as the Emergency Medicine Chair of the Trauma Committee and Khoshal as the Emergency Medicine Chair of the Sepsis Committee.

Initially, the satisfaction that accompanies saving lives made the sleepless nights, long hours, and exhaustion tolerable. But over time, both doctors realized that their work only helped patients in the short-term, providing “sickcare” and symptom management. The doctors felt disappointed both personally and professionally as their work was not helping patients live fully enriched lives optimized for pursuing aspirations. Ironically, the healthcare system began to take a toll on their own health.

Introspection into the source of their dissatisfaction led to the recognition that the Medical Industrial Complex (MIC) is well-equipped in a crisis. However, it’s inadequate in promoting long-term health for both patients and providers. Through countless discussions with colleagues and patients, Khoshal and Vass determined that an ideal healthcare system should be proactive in disease prevention and wellness optimization, personalized to the needs and objectives of the client, designed to foster a long-term collaborative relationship, and based on promising diagnostics and therapeutics.

Meet our team

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  • Audrey Buma

    Lead Nurse, BSN

  • Colleen Grady

    Nurse Practicioner

  • Julie Burton

    Registered Nurse, BSN

  • Kendra Lee

    Registered Nurse, BSN

  • Morgan Fuller

    Patient Experience

  • Dr. Khoshal Latifzai


  • Dr. Vassily Eliopolous