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RMRM Boulder is the only full-service regenerative medicine clinic of its kind in the nation. Our integrated approach, proven expertise and wide array of services make us unique standouts in an ever-growing new field of practice.

Regenerative Medicine is a powerful and innovative science that uses living cells (or products derived from living cells) to augment the body’s natural ability to heal itself from disease, injury, or simply aging. In order to implement this practice effectively, it’s imperative to possess an expansive breadth and depth of medical understanding. That’s why our providers follow advancements in the field closely through research studies, medical journals, and professional conferences, all with the goal of guiding you toward optimal results using the most up to date breakthroughs.  Furthermore, our providers couple their skill and experience with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques in order to address orthopedic, aesthetic, and anti-aging issues in an informed, thoughtful way.

Our high standards of excellence compel us to provide our clients with pertinent information and clear expectations, thus reciprocating the invaluable trust that they place in us. Together, we design an individualized treatment plan tailored specifically to their medical needs. We have the ability to employ as wide or narrow of a multipronged approach as best suits each situation.  This typically includes a combination of stem cell therapy, exosome therapy, cryotherapy, oxidative therapy, vitamin therapy, NAD+ therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, ketamine therapy, lidocaine therapy, dietary modification, and many other options. Moreover, we’ve partnered with many local and national specialists, including those in physical therapy and acupuncture therapy, all with the singular goal of restoring you to your optimal health.  Our extensive menu of services exemplifies the importance we place on empowering our clients to live happy, fulfilling lives.

Join us for a consultation and discover how our commitment to your vitality and longevity is our mission.

Drs Eliopolous And Latifzai


Dr Latifzai


Born in Afghanistan, Dr. Latifzai emigrated to the United States in the 1990s at age 10. He went on to graduate from Dartmouth Medical School and Yale University Emergency Medicine Residency program. Caring for critical patients and performing life-saving procedures has always been a passion of his, a pursuit that has culminated in medical missions to impoverished areas in Africa. He is also a tenacious patient-advocate, is instrumental in training future physicians, and is a published author in peer-reviewed journals. In addition to saving lives in emergency situations, Dr. Latifzai has come to appreciate the importance of quality of life through his personal pursuits. As a lifelong amateur athlete, he understands how difficult pain and recovery can be. Seeking out alternative, permanent solutions with little recovery time and few side effects sparked his interest in regenerative and advanced non-surgical orthopedics. What started out as an adjunct has since grown into a full time job. His medical background and love of sports has earned him the privilege of working with the Denver Broncos and also caring for other professional athletes. These days, clients seek him out for his expertise in dietary modification, vitamins and supplements, mitigation of systemic inflammation, hormone replacement, post-workout recovery, anti-aging, stem cell and other biological solutions.. In practice since 2003, Dr. Latifzai moved to the Boulder area from the East Coast in 2012. In his free time he can be found hiking around Colorado with his wife or teaching his two children the fundamentals of grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Keep Reading

Dr Eliopolous


Dr. Eliopoulos is a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, CT where he earned a BS with Honors in Neuroscience. He then became a Peace Corps volunteer in the Solomon Islands, South Pacific before attending the Weill Medical College of Cornell University in New York City and postgraduate medical training at Denver Health Medical Center for General Surgery and Emergency Medicine. As a Peace Corp volunteer, he taught secondary school and worked with the World Health Organization on their malaria and filariasis control projects. He has also researched malaria extensively in Mali and the Solomon Islands. Originally from Westchester, New York, Dr. Eliopoulos has enjoyed a lifelong passion for martial arts and grappling, accruing numerous achievements along the way. He continues to compete today, recently winning the Masters Championships on the national and world level in International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation Competitions.
When not spending time with family or grappling, he also loves to climb rock and ice and whitewater kayak.
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Other Team Members

Colleen Grady

Colleen Grady, RN, MSN, FNP

Colleen practiced traditional family medicine before joining the RMRM team in January of 2018. Through personal interest and seeking out better solutions for her patients, Colleen discovered the world of Functional Medicine and jumped in head first. She holds a BSN from Fairfield University, an MSN from Regis University, and is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Colleen believes that the root cause of symptoms can be discovered and treated using systematic history-taking, thorough diagnostic studies, personalized treatment plans, and a trusting client-provider partnership. Particular areas of interest include bioidentical hormone replacement, autoimmune disorders, and improving athletic performance. Colleen entered the medical field over ten years ago, specializing in emergency medicine. After witnessing the detriments of treating symptoms in isolation and neglecting underlying problems, she was propelled towards a different path altogether -- regenerative medicine. In addition to hospital medicine and family practice, she has participated in multiple medical missions to impoverished countries and has worked with underserved populations at home. Along with her husband and children, Colleen loves exploring the Rocky Mountains on foot, skis or bike, cooking healthy meals, and experiencing live music. Keep Reading

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Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine is the only full service regenerative medicine clinic of its kind in the nation. Expect only the highest standards of excellence!

Our highly skilled and experienced physicians methodically tailor Treatment Plans based on your unique symptoms, diagnoses, and desired outcomes.

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Because of our personalized approach to each client’s individual situation and unique needs, it is impossible to predict what any one regimen looks like prior to an initial consultation. We work with you to learn your needs and determine the right treatment for your unique situation.

Our consultations are $300/hr.

RMRM does not accept insurance. Financing is available. View our available Treatments or schedule now.

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