Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine

LEONARD BUCK WESSELL – US Judo Olympic Team Captain

by Pamela Stone •

August 16, 2022

Buck Wessel, US Olympic Judo Team Lead, has had great success with the therapeutics at RMRM. Stem Cell infusions have repaired long-standing injuries, enabling Buck to quickly get back on the mat.

“RMRM keeps us in the game, on the field of play and in life!

Our family of athletes: wrestlers, judokas, and skiers, have been receiving regenerative medical treatments on the front range and in the Vail Valley for injuries as well as recovery for 2 decades. We switched to being treated 100% by RMRM years ago as the RMRM team is not only uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat a wide variety of orthopedic and other issues, but they do so knowing what athletes’ needs and demands are in order to perform. We have had stem cell, PRP, exosomes, ozone, shockwave, IV hydration and NAD+ treatments. These treatments in various combinations have had dramatic and profound healing results, not only ensuring complete recovery and lessening the time to return to full activity by weeks and even months, but by reducing pain and even preventing injury. We strongly encourage anyone who is contemplating regenerative medicine to consult with the medical staff at RMRM.”

Former US Judo Olympic Team Captain, Buck has been a client of RMRM for many years. Decades of high-level sports competition have caused him back, shoulder, and knee pain, as well as lower spine degeneration. Buck has banked his stem cells and benefits from regular injections in both knees, shoulders and his lower back every 6 months or so. He also has IV infusions every 3 months. He continues to train and compete with professional athletes.

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