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High Dose Ozone Therapy (HDOT)

by Vassily Eliopoulos •

August 18, 2022

How to mitigate the oxidative stress that causes aging & gain a boost of energy? High Dose Ozone Therapy infusions.


Oxidative Stress – what is it, how it makes you age faster and what can you do about it!


Aging is a process that most believe is inevitable/unavoidable and therefore is something that you just have to get used to. Well, the Blue Zones* research is clear. You can live to 120 with a high quality of life. Yes, you can. Imagine doing what you love doing well into your 10th or 11th decade, pain free, while having fun doing it.

To live that long you have to mitigate the typical processes of aging that cause cellular damage. One of the main mechanisms of cellular damage that causes aging is oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is the term used to describe how oxygen free radicals create inflammation and direct cellular/tissue destruction through the transfer of electrons. Oxygen free radicals are a natural byproduct created by your cells when they generate and consume energy. It’s like the exhaust from a car.

You need to use fuel for energy and that process creates free radicals which causes oxidative damage. That oxidative damage is literally a manifestation of the aging process on a cellular level.

Most providers recommend anti-oxidants as a treatment for oxidative stress and we do too because those are simple, easy and convenient ways to help mitigate oxidative stress. VItamin C, glutathione, quercetin, resveratrol, alpha lipoic acid and NMN among many others are all good antioxidants. But if you want to live to 120 you have to do more than just take some antioxidant supplements.

You are one of our clients because you expect more. You want the best, newest therapies possible for dealing with your health issues.

One of the most potent therapies available today that helps your body deal with and mitigate the oxidative stress that causes aging is High Dose Ozone Therapy (HDOT).

HDOT is an IV treatment that supercharges the way your body deals with oxidative stress. It literally increases the efficiency of your mitochondria (the energy producing part of your cells). HDOT increases your mitochondrial efficiency so you generate more energy and HDOT also makes you more efficient at reducing (or eliminating) the oxidative stress that results from that energy production.

Most healthy people feel energized after a round of HDOT. I like to do it before I work out, it gives me a natural, lasting energy boost.

Caffeine, which is also a performance enhancer by the way, can give you an energy boost but that comes at cost. Caffeine gives you a boost now which you then need to recover from and replenish later. Which incidentally is why most of the world is addicted to caffeine. If used too regularly caffeine creates a deficit which few replenish from and ultimately this creates a chronic drag/stress on the system which can contribute to/accelerate the aging process.
Ozone does not cause this problem, because ozone naturally makes your mitochondria more efficient. By naturally making your mitochondria more efficient you make more energy and you naturally scavenge the free radical byproducts more efficiently as well.

If, however, you are physiologically challenged, say for example if you suffer from a chronic illness like mold toxicity or chronic Lyme. HDOT can make you feel fatigued initially after a treatment but that passes and the energy boost from the increased mitochondrial efficiency does come but it can be delayed by hours or in some cases days. We can help you navigate this if you are concerned. We are the most experienced Ozone practitioners in not just the State but the region. We have been using longer and have done more ozone, in more ways than anyone else.

HDOT is not just a short term energy treatment, when used regularly it helps stimulate epigenetic change that provides additional benefit as an antiaging treatment but that is a topic/subject for another day.
For full disclosure I feel it’s important to mention that the FDA, in all its wisdom, does not recognize ozone as a medical therapy. HDOT is CE approved (the European FDA) and is widely used in Germany, Italy and Spain among other countries.

We use the best ozone machine produced in the world. It’s made in Germany, it is of the highest quality available, period. We wouldn’t even think of using anything else.

If you have any questions about HDOT please reach out.

* National Geographic Blue Zone research

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