Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine

We Are Superman

by Pamela Stone •

December 7, 2022

An Interview with Dr. Vassily Eliopoulos and Dr. Khoshal Latifzai of Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine of Boulder, CO.

“As most of you know, the typical response in our medical system to your injury is first medication, sometimes physical therapy, then maybe injections, and finally surgery. In the previous episode, Sammie Lewis and I touched on some of the more advanced modalities available should you get injured.

The problem can often be that if you need one of these, good luck getting our health insurance system to help you pay for it. Or that your traditional doctor has no idea about these, or worse, dismisses them as unproven, often because they are untrained on them. Interestingly, many so-called traditional medical providers are now bringing in specialists to perform these procedures like platelet rich plasma, or PRP.

I have brought in today two experts in helping you navigate the medical jungle, Drs. Vassily Eliopoulos and Khoshal Latifzai, of Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine of Boulder, CO. Both men came out of this traditional medical system, but after seeing how much they were limited by its rigid structure, including the decades it can take for new drugs and therapies to get through the regulatory process to reach the open market, they became experts in finding alternative solutions to help patients live, look, and perform better longer. They provide some excellent perspectives on the state of the health insurance industry and the medical industry complex, and what you should likely do to ensure that you are not at their mercy when you actually need medical care. Especially preventative care, which standard medicine isn’t trained or incentivized to address.

Please pay acute attention to our discussion about stem cell therapy, and hormone and peptide therapies to avoid surgeries like ACL repair and knee replacement. I’m sure you will gain a lot of great insights from these medical experts in this very educational episode.

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