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What is Regenerative Medicine?

by Khoshal Latifzai •

October 29, 2018

Regenerative Medicine is fairly self-explanatory: a field of medicine that seeks to facilitate and accelerate the body’s own healing abilities and youthful qualities. This individualized approach to medicine requires a holistic view of the patient and their goals.

While this sounds like it edges on new age or experimental medicine, it’s anything but.

Regenerative medicine practitioners understand that the problem causing your symptoms is often complex and multifactorial. Instead of using pharmaceuticals and invasive procedures to mask symptoms like pain, fatigue, insomnia, or depression, this incredible and innovative field of medicine seeks to find the root cause of the symptom and treat it utilizing biological treatment modalities.

Cutting edge diagnostic tools and ever-evolving medical knowledge are the basis of regenerative medicine, a powerful and innovative science that optimizes the body’s natural ability to heal itself from disease, injury, or simply aging.

Orthopedic injuries, chronic conditions, autoimmune disorders, and everyday aging are some of the problems that can be treated using regenerative medicine. But, RM is not only about treating what ails you, it’s also about preventing injuries, averting the aging process, and empowering individuals to fulfill their healthiest, most youthful, and vibrant selves.

Regenerative Medicine for Recovery

Whether you’re a pro athlete preparing for a major competition, a weekend warrior who pulled a muscle at your latest 5k, or even a cubicle crusader with an allergy to exercise, Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine has a therapy to get you feeling and performing your best; IV hydration and electrolyte replacement,  PRP, cryotherapy, hormone replacement, and ketamine/lidocaine infusion.

Regenerative Medicine for Rejuvenation

None of us can escape the march of time.

Some are fortunate to age more gracefully than others, while most of us feel the wear and tear of everyday life. Aesthetic goals and youthful vitality may be achieved through the use of noninvasive regenerative therapies like microneedling, aesthetic stem cells, hair loss treatments, dermal fillers, oxidative therapy, nutrition counseling, and sexual rejuvenation.

The Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine Time Machine

If you’re seeking a Time Machine to return to a younger you, you’ve found it. Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine exclusively offers a fully immersive and holistic subscription based program tailored to your unique goals and needs. While this is not a magic pill and does require client participation and dedication, we provides close monitoring and accessible providers to make success as easy as possible. Individualized programs may include any of the treatments available to address your current health issues as well as identify and prevent disease processes you may be at risk of developing.


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